QMB6 Dual Thickness Monitor - USB

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  • BT-QMB6-S-U
Dual Thickness Monitor with integrated oscillators - USB... more
Product information "QMB6 Dual Thickness Monitor - USB"

Dual Thickness Monitor with integrated oscillators - USB

includes integrated oscillator for 6 MHz quartzes;

supports 2x external oscillators or 1 external + 1 integrated oscillator

high resolution measurement unit with USB serial interface

2x BNC connector for connecting 2 quartzes simultaneously

power supply :         5 VDC via USB interface; max 500mA

resolution:        0,1 Hz @ 10 Hz samplig rate

sampling rate:         0.5, 1, 2, 4, 10 Hz

Dimensions/weight: 61x26x96; 0.2 kg

Resolution: Standard
Interface: USB
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