CVG101GB Worker Bee™

CVG101GB Worker Bee™
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CVG101GB Worker Bee™ (KF16) Convection-Enhanced Pirani Gauge... more
Product information "CVG101GB Worker Bee™"

CVG101GB Worker Bee™ (KF16) Convection-Enhanced Pirani Gauge

Passive gauge with convection enhancement

Fitting:                         DN16KF

Measurement range:        0.01...1.33E+5 Pa | 1E-4...1333 mbar | 1E-4...1000 Torr

Electrical connectors:         special plug connector

Display and control units:        B-RAX™ 3200, B-RAX™ 3300, FlexRax™ 4000, VGC301, GP 275, GP 307, GP 350, GP 370

Compatible with Granville-Phillips® Series 275 Controllers and Sensors

Equivalent Convectron® P/N:        275203

Mounting flange: NW16KF
Variant: Passive gauge without display
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